August 2, 2009

Make time for a little Rest & Relaxation this summer...

I enjoy making bath salts & soaps. Combine that with my love for papercrafts and I have a spa gift set. I think it is because taking a luxurious spa bath is my number one way to unwind rest and relax. Since going to a spa daily doesn’t exactly fit in my budget, I create the same for myself. Here’s how you can make the same for yourself or give as a gift for someone else.

Helmar Acid Free Glue
Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots
Helmar Quick-Fix Adhesive Runner

Crate by Smith & Hawkins
Prima Flowers
Karen Foster Design Paper & Stickers
Making Memories – Tag, Paint and Ribbon
Magic Mesh
Ribbons by Maya Road and Making Memories
Rub-ons by Art Warehouse
Designer Instructions:

1. For the foundation of my projects, I recycle baskets, boxes, planter pots and various product packaging. Measure and cover you container with Karen Foster Design pattern papers. Adhere with Helmar Acid Free Glue.
2. Fill the package with bath sponges, towels and pumice stones.
3. For plastic containers and glass jars, I clean off the labels. Paint the lids with acrylic paints. While the paint was still wet, I pressed a paper towel onto the paint to create a distressed look.
4. I wrapped Magic Mesh around the container, and embellished with Karen Foster Design Stickers with Helmar Liquid Scrapdots.
5. Tie ribbons and tags around the neck of the jar. I fill the containers with bath salts that I make myself.
6. As for spa treatment sets I create for gifts, I make a card to coordinate. For this card, I used Karen Foster Design papers and embellished with flowers, ribbon and rub-ons.

Treat yourself to a little Rest & Relaxation!

Tish Treadaway, Helmar USA Design Team Member

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