February 22, 2009

Check out the Zutter Blog for a chance to win...


Without you I could not create,
mini books of all sizes and weight.
In colors that go with any ink,
be it black, red, white, baby blue or baby pink!
And now in the beautiful new shades you will seek,
the colors called silver and brass "antique"!
In sizes small enough for the miniest of minis,
and those for the bigger books that are not so skinny.

Make sure you have plenty of Owire on hand,
for you Bind-it-All fans across this great land!

Leave a rhyming comment or two at http://www.binditall.blogspot.com/ by February 28, they are giving away a box of Owires! It might be 3/8", 1" or any size, Any color too, it will be a surprise. Just release your inner poet in a scrappy Bind-it-All way, and you will get a goodie in the mailbox. Three winners will be drawn on a day of fate,check if you have won on February 28.

1 comment:

Zoe said...

Thanks for the heads up! just left my little rhyme! lol